Hello and Welcome Aboard!

Ahoy there, mates!
Welcome to my new blog!

Well I’m a newbie around here at wordpress.com, so somehow this is an unfamiliar territory. I am not a professional blogger either, but I have been blogging for over a year, mostly about personal stuff in my other blog. I have decided to create a new blog here because I have heard good things about bloggers from wordpress and I wanted to experience blogging at a whole new level.
The title of my blog probably says it all, “Jo-Anne Journeys”. Well it is kind of obvious and already given that what I am trying to achieve here is some sort of a travel blog. I wanted to share my travel experiences, but I also don’t just want to limit it to travelling per se. I would also want to include all things that involve my journeys; emotionally, spiritually and physically. I would want this to be an inspirational/travel blog I want to reach out to dreamers like me and to inspire others to dream big!
I am not a pro when it comes to blogging or travelling but I can promise you, I am a pro at dreaming! All my life I have been fueled by big dreams and I am living day by day reaching for those dreams. So if you are a wild dreamer like I am, this blog is for you and I am looking forward to many more journeys and adventures with you!




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